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Having a screen door during the warmer months is not only convenient it also helps to save energy by allowing you to let in cool breezes instead of running an air conditioner. However, many people live in rental properties where attaching a permanent screen door is forbidden. For those people, finding a non-permanent screen door is essential to helping them get through the summer in comfort. Here is a look at some of the top rated screen doors at Amazon.

Bug Off Instant Screen

BugOff Instant Screen Door French_Double-Best

BugOff Instant Screen Door French Size

One of the Amazon top rated screen doors is the Bug Off Instant Screen. The bug off instant screen doors are magnetic screen doors that allow for hands free exits and entrances. Its features include:

Installs without tools or damage to the door frame.

Fits doors that are 78” to 80” in height

Closes using magnets

Adjustable height tunnels at the top for odd shaped doors.

What the Reviews Have to Say

The reviews on Amazon for the Bug Off instant screen door are quite good with this door receiving 4 out of 5 stars from actual users.

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There were several things users like about this easy to install screen door including:

Easy to install

Keeps bugs out beautifully

Bottom weights help keep the door in place

Good quality door

One complaint of users is that if the screen is too wide for the door, you’ll need to buy additional Velcro to make adjustments to the sides because the Velcro that comes with the door is sewn in and can’t be adjusted.

Instant Screen Door

Overall, people who purchased this door really liked it and felt that it was attractive. Adding a magnetic screen door to you house makes for an easy and simple home improvement project.

Instant Screen Door

Instant Screen Door at

The Instant Screen Door is an easy to install magnetic screen door that is sold and Amazon. The features of these screen doors include:

Installs either using Velcro or a tension rod

Weight bottom

Screen is durable fiber glass

No tools required for installation.

What the Reviews Have to Say

Reviews for the Instant Screen door are good with this door receiving 3.8 out of 5 stars.

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There was a lot of things that users liked about this door including:

A great solution for people who can’t install a permanent screen door

Does a nice job of keeping bugs out while letting fresh air in

When using the tension rod the door is easy to cut to size if it is to wide

Easy installation

Users did find that the tension rod was somewhat thin and light and could be knocked down easily. Also some users would have liked the Instant screen door to open and close in the middle.

Conclusions about BugOff and Instant Screen Door

For the most part Users of both the Bug Off and the Instant screen doors, liked these doors and found them to be a good solution for those people who could not install a permanent screen door where they lived. They served the purpose for which they were intended allowing fresh air in while keeping the majority of the insects out.


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