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Magic Mesh door cover instantly opens and magically snaps closed behind you using 18 strategically placed magnets. Whether you have your hands full or a forgetful family member you can still let fresh air in and keep those bugs out. Read more in our Review.Coming soon.


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  1. shuki semama on

    I’m a tourist from Israel and I saw a TV commercial of your product, I would like more details, and try to market your product in Israel. If you are interested to cooperate contact me.

    Best regards,

    shuki semama

  2. What are the dimensions of the Magic Mesh cover?
    I have a double french door, do you sell a product that covers double doors?

    • Hi Desmond,
      This are the Magic Mesh dimensions:
      83” H x 19.5” W per panel –
      So with both panels — 83” H x 39” W
      I Hope I have answered your question.
      If you have any more questions or suggestions or any problem feel free to contact us. You can always use our contact page at or leave a comment here.
      Thanks for trusting
      Have a great day :)
      Kind Regards.

  3. chanda sichinsambwe on

    Can the magic mesh be adapted for windows. I come from Zambia, Africa, where most windows in houses do not have mesh but we have alot of bugs and insects such as mosquitoes.

  4. Paul H Duquette on

    OK, Now I have the dimensions of your product…the website was so poorly designed that it did not provide anything of substance for me in that regard. and I see it is velcro attached at the top of the doorway. What I need to know for sure is how it is attached at the outsides of the panels. My assumption is velcro also, but I should be able to get that info on the website.
    Please clarify. I want to purchase, but need more detail. Been burned once too many times.

  5. Steve, I just ordered mine.. a little dissapointed the order could not be edited, I would have bought one pair regular, and one pair heavy duty.
    You should really look into allowing the customer choose what they are buying! No way to edit the order before it is completed….. not good.

    Hopefully I can find a phone number so I can order a heavy duty one.

  6. Hello:

    I think this product is fantastic. I could finally get rid of the old-fashioned aluminum doors. Your answer to Desmond is one I had, because the measurements are not specified on the site. Anyways, before ordering, I do have some questions.

    1. Why does it take 2-6 weeks for delivery?
    2. Do you deliver from China?
    3. What shipping method/company do you use to ship this item?
    4. If shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx, it would cost the same as to any state, yet I would be charged $10 more for living in PR, and still wait 2-6 weeks. I don’t understand that.
    5. In the order form, when it is asked “How many sets of 2 would you like today?,” does that mean that I would actually be buying 2 sets of 2 panels for 2 different doors?

  7. Robert Olsen on

    You have explained most things about this door screen, but not this one:
    If the door you wish to cover is less than the width of the screen cloth do you cut off the excess?
    How do you do this?
    Will theScreen cloth fray?
    Assuming that the middle of the two panels will stay put I assume that the edges will affix to the door frame using what? How is this item installed onto the screen?
    Thanks much,

  8. I have 60″ wide french doors and 32″ wide single doors. What are Magic Mesh door min & max dimensions that acommodate these applications?

  9. My wife thinks it is a great idea. But she is in a wheelchair and the magnets would stick to her chair and make a mess.

    Any ideas?

  10. I have placed parently two orders which I did not want to do, how would I cancel one? The website is stupid because they don’t allow you to see the cost of everything first before you have officially ordered!!! BEWARE when ordering wish I knew that!! Most website would show you the final cost and then you hit confirm or submit – THIS ONE DOES NOT!!!

  11. I have placed parently two orders which I did not want to do, how would I cancel one? The website is stupid because they don’t allow you to see the cost of everything first before you have officially ordered!!! BEWARE when ordering wish I knew that!! Most website would show you the final cost and then you hit confirm or submit THIS ONE DOES NOT!!!

  12. I tried the on-line site and placed my order for quantity – one which indicated two for the price of one.

    When I got to the order confirmation page the quantity had changed to (2) and the total amount of $91.70.

  13. how are these panels installed? outside mount or inside mount? Does it work with a door that has a storm door on the outside? how do the panels attach?

  14. Is the bottom edge of the mesh weighed in anyway. Does it have sufficient weight so there is not an opening at the bottom. Also, how effective are the velcro strips for installation. Will they adhere strongly by themselves or will they require stapling……honestly.

  15. Do you/can you make a larger screen? We have an over-sized patio door and need a screen to cover an openingof approximately 50 inches.

    • Hi,
      Magic Mesh can only be ordered to the United States and Canada. I’m sorry about that .
      If you have any more questions or suggestions or any problem feel free to contact us. You can always contact us @ Contact Page.
      Have a nice day.

  16. Concerned with the ordering process! I was ordering 1 with a 2nd for just the price of shipping. I kept pushing “no thanks” on all the other adds, but I was not able to verify the total before I got to the receipt that said over $100’s! It had changed my order to 3 and I did not want 3! What can I do?

  17. What happens if mr opening is only 78×34? Do you extend it over the doorframe, cut it to size, let it bunch, or what?

  18. mireille singh on

    This for you to correct the overcharge on my order. I order One and I was charged for two. The tv ad said buy one get one free. The quantity is recorded wrong is supposed to be 1 not 2. My order number is:

    Order Number: 245716258

    Product Code Description Price (each) Quantity Extended
    23057 Magic Mesh™ s/2 19.95 2 39.90

    My credit card was charged 75.00 dollars. Correct and adjust my credit card and notify me to prevent cacellation of the oeder.

  19. Andreas Holmes on

    The way you market your product is very frustrating. I tried to order on line and from the website, but there was no way I could get the basic information I needed, which was the actual exact measurement of the Magic Mesh product. I needed to know this to see if it would fit my door. It wasn’t until I persisted and got to this page (after calling your customer support number with no result) that I was able to see that your door is not as wide as the standard sliding door panel, so it will not cover the fully opened space. This leads to the question of how well sealed the sides of the mesh panels are, otherwise insects might easily still get into the home.

    I want to order your product, but I still need the answers to these questions. How well are the sides of the door sealed by the Magic Mesh? What about at the top and bottom? Please send me the answers and I will be glad to place an order. Thanks.

  20. This is the most shoddy company I’ve dealt with in years!

    I ordered on June 6. When I called, 3 weeks later, to see when I could expect the product, I was told it was on back order and would ship July 2.

    Tonight, I called again, and the woman apparently pretended to look up my order. She told me that it would not ship until the first part of August.

    I could have bought a similar product in early June and had it already. Now they are telling me that it won’t ship until the end of summer. And that’s only if I believe this new delivery “date”!

    Frustrated, I told her I wanted to cancel. She put me on hold and when she came back, she said that my order was not in the system. I told her I wanted to talk to her supervisor, She told me that her supervisor said to tell me that the order was no longer in the system and must have already been cancelled. Then she told me that if my credit card gets charged “by mistake” to please call back “and we will refund the whole amount.”

    Alarmed, I asked how she could look up my order, not see that it was cancelled, how she could figure that my card might get charged, and who the company she worked for is.

    She told me she works for All Stars, and she was in Connecticut, though the company is in California. Then she hung up on me.

    Judging from their “customer service,” this company is NOT a legitimate company. I will be warning everyone I know not to do business with them.

  21. Hello, I have two doors I am thinking about buying the magic mesh for but one is 31in. wide and the other is 35in. wide. Do these adjust to different widths? Thank you, Kay

  22. Jorge Mendez on

    what about wider doors ?. My entrance door is 120 cm. wide (48 inches)
    please clarifay installation method

  23. From all appearances, your product is worth the money and would be great for my use……………… that is, if you can get it. I have had my first order on Back order since the first of April. I ordered again the first of July(Ord#25411201127126162) , thinking the first just didn’t go thru, but found that it had and that I now had 2 orders on back order for 4 screens. I don’t have much confidence I’ll ever see one and will probably give it another week or so and will cancel this one. I am really disappointed.
    R A Jessup

  24. Do you sale to other distributors at wholesale. If so, what minimum quanitize do you require for an order, and what unit price?
    Thank you for your time.

  25. Doloris Zimmerman on

    I ordered this in June. I have heard nothing about it and don’t even have an order number on my confirmation form. What’s up with that? and now I can’t even get to the website. You said it would take 3 to 6 weeks for delivery and it has been about that long.

  26. Can you please show how the magic mesh is fitted to a single door. I see it has magnets for closure, however, how is it fitted to the door.
    Thank you.

  27. This product looks amazing and I would love to try it. Is it available in any stores at all? It would be nice to open up my house sooner than shipping would allow :)

  28. I place a order for 2 magic mesh 21/07/2011 using my husbands credit card. By mistake I have ordered two many products. I only want the the magic mesh 2 for 1 deal at 19.95 Is it possiable for you to change this order or do I have to cancel it at the bank. The card holders name is david j slaco. I would appreciate a reply.
    thank tou judy slaco

    • Good day, this is judy slaco sending another msg, please reply this time, it is imporant to cancel this order as stated above.

  29. Steve:
    I order one set and was supposed to get one free, However in the final confirmation I noticed that I was charged for both sets. By than it was no option to cancel the order. Could you please help me with this?

  30. charley magee on


  31. Do you or will you have the option to fill custom orders? I have a large doorway (93″ H x 82″ W) and would like to use your product.

  32. Miguel DeLeon on

    Is there a limit on the number of Magic Mesh products I could buy at the two-for-one price? They could go really well enclosing my RV’s whole covered patio (Shipping to CA).

  33. will it work to keep varmints of the four legged variety as well (racoons specifically tho maybe rats or squirrels)

  34. What is the extra shipping and handling charge fot the second magic mesh?
    Are there any stores that carry the magic mesh?

  35. Hi,

    When you buy one does that mean just one panel? Would I have to order two of them in order to cover my back door?


  36. I just ordered the magic mesh and bought 2,so thats 4 all together….then on another site I saw them for 19.95,I paid 29.95.please explain,,,thanks Mary

  37. I need one to cover my sliding glass door. The opening space is 48 inches – will your product cover this and are there optional sizes available?

  38. I presume that this requires ‘permanently’ attached Velcro strips attached on sides and top of doorway?

  39. deanna lonabaugh on

    I “purchased” the magic mesh door through a phone number given to me on the TV. I used a credit card and have not gotten any product. That was 6 weeks ago. The phone number that I used was 1800-959-0237.
    The call and order were very difficult to complete because of the extras tacked on. Was my order not processed because I refused to additional offers?

  40. Why does your commercial have to have those annoying sound effects all over the damn thing, even for video clips that show in a box when we damn well know there is no way we’d heard that?

    Probably a good idea, but the commercial falls well short.

    Remove the annoying sound effects.

  41. We just received the magic mesh and the length measures 86inches which is to long for the sliding glass door I purchased it for! Any suggestions?
    Thank you for a quick reply.

  42. scam!!!! I rodered one set and was charged for two. Custoemr servcie could care less and basically stated that I had to beat the shipping order to cancel the double order which I did not place. scam!!!

  43. placed my order over 30 days ago. was told at that time my order would be back-order’d and delivery would be in 1st wk. of Aug. Called yesterday to check and was told my order now back-order’d to sometime in Sept. What’s really going on? Please check and advise via email

    Thank you
    order #254112011

  44. Hi Iwas just wondering when I order a mesh for a holiday trailer does it have to be a special order or do you guys have to fit most trailer doors.Are their standard size screens for sliding patio doors.Please e mail a response back because i need 2 one for holiday trailer and one for my house patio doors THANKS RAY.

  45. I had two questions that were never answered. Since, they have been removed.


    Is the bottom of the screen weighted in anyway?

    Is the Velcro able to stay on securely without staples?


  46. Sam Astrican on

    I need one to cover my sliding glass wall door. The opening space is 16 feet – will your product cover this and are there optional sizes available?

  47. why is there nothing on installion and pictures of step by step for any of it, the instructions that come with it are not enough for me!! I am tryin to put it on sliding glass door and its like fighting an octopus, not so good for me and very frustrating

  48. I have the same question as Jennifer ….. when you say one panel ie, 83″X19.5″ is that what you get for $19.95 or does that price include two panels?

  49. Are they available in wider size? Can they be custom ordered wider? Can they be stacked together for wider areas? How do they attach to the door frame?

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