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Magic Mesh Canada

Homeowners in Canada can now breathe with a sigh of relief, as the much awaited screen door is now available in stores close to them. I am talking about Magic Mesh hands-free magnetic screen door. If you have been hearing about this product and willing to try it, this is the opportunity for you to get one of your own and refrain from hear-says.

People who love their homes need to keep it cool, fresh and serene by allowing maximum amount of air to get in while keeping bugs and other harmful objects at bay. Magic Mesh is tailor made to offer these important features to a home. This screen door only fits one description-fabulous. The door has several features, which make it easy to use and efficient compared to the other screen doors.

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Features of Magic Mesh Hands-free Screen Door

If you have not seen or even heard about this magnetic screen door then here are some features that can help you have a basic understanding even as you consider trying it out.

It is a door cover that opens easily even without the use of hands. This feature makes it easy to cross the door even when your hands are full.

The door closes immediately behind you giving no allowance for bugs to access the house. This is achieved through eighteen powerful magnets.

Magic Mesh is very easy to install. It actually requires no tools and can be set up by anybody just by following simple steps described in the user manual.

It is pet friendly because your best friend can just approach the door and open it without any effort. It then closes right after them. Your pet can just get in and out without any barrier.

This screen door is ideal for guests who behave badly. I mean those who forget to close the door behind them because the door will automatically close itself after they pass.

One other beautiful thing with this magical screen door is its price. It costs a paltry $20, a price that can be found nowhere for such high quality and technologically advanced screen door. To add to this, it comes with a 1-year warranty, which is redeemable at any of the many Canadian tire stores. Magic Mesh fits standard single as well as sliding doors imperceptibly to give a panoramic view of the surrounding natural environment.

Why Should Go For Magic Mesh Now?

Magic Mesh available for canada

As is common with all new products, there is mad rush for Magic Mesh in Canada right now. The problem is that it is there in limited stocks. This is why you should make plans right away to go for your very own while the stocks last.

It also now that the product is priced competitively and the prices are certainly set to go up once the demand for it has sky rocketed. You can also get a discount when you make your purchases now. Magic Mesh hands-free screen door is the new thing now. There is no harm in trying!

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