What’s the Best Screen Door For You?


BugOff Instant Screen for French Door

Screen doors offer efficiency. Whether someone living in a home is hoping to have lower energy bills, or hoping to keep out insects the screen can be both attractive and useful. The best door for a home is usually one that matches the overall design of the home, is well constructed, and capable of many years of use.  The most important considerations then are the door’s being resistant, easy to install, and able to fit the door. Cost is also another important consideration making some choices like magnetic screen doors, like Bug Off Instant Screen,  a better option for some.

In looing at overall construction there are several possibilities for how the door can be affixed, and how the door will perform in different types of weather, and any additional security features the door can offer.

Looking at options those seeking a good balance of utility mixed with appearance can find it with various materials. Bronze, fiberglass, and aluminum are among the most durable, but the downside is that these will require some changes to exterior of the home. Other choices are available for those who want to have the function of a screen door without the installation cost or without physically altering a home’s doorframes.

  1. Top Screen Doors List
  2. Types Of Screen Doors
  3. Advantages of Using Screen Doors
  4. Reviews of the Best 5 Screen Doors


The Top Screen Doors List

PictureScreen DoorTypePriceCustomers Reviews
Bug Off Instant ScreenMagnetic Screen Door$$ by 734 customer reviews
Magic MeshMagnetic Screen Door$ by 1,138 customer reviews
Instant Bug MeshMagnetic Screen Door$$415 customer reviews
Magnetic Screen Door NirvanaMagnetic Screen Door$$ by 231 reviews
Sentry Magnetic ScreenMagnetic Screen Door$$$92 customer reviews
Larson Mfg. E200Retractable Screen Door$$$$$11 customer reviews
Leslie Locke LagunaStorm Door$$$$7 customer reviews
Easy Screen DoorsMagnetic Screen Door$$42 customer reviews
Mega MeshMagnetic Screen Door$$111 customer reviews

Types of Screen Doors

Those new to the market of screen doors are often surprise to find there are many different types. The various types range in utility, ability to resist weathering and use, convenience in installation, and of course price. Screen doors offer the opportunity to have a cool breeze indoors, or keep an eye on pets and children while still having air circulate through home from outside. Some types of doors offer more security from pests and insects, and some offer better convenience of use than others. Screen doors are a good method of keeping fresh air circulating without having to use an air conditioner, fan, or other device that drives up energy costs.

The Magnetic Screen Door

Installation of a screen door is for many people a problem. Those who rent, or those who don’t want the cost, or physical changes to a doorframe often opt for this type of door that’s sometimes called a bug mesh. The benefits of these are doors are they are fast to install, easy to use, and keep insects out. The type to look for would be those held in place with magnetics so that no gaps allow insects or pests inside. Some magnetic screen doors allow hands free entry, which is a benefit for those who want a screen in the rear of the home.

Retractable Screen Door

Retractable screen doors are sometimes referred to as invisible doors. These are a good choice for impractical doors such as a French doorway as these can add privacy, shade, prevent direct glare from the sun and keep out pests.  These doors require little or no installation, and many can be operated with a slide bar. It is important when looking into this selection to have the correct measurements for the doorway where the retractable screen door will be used. This door is one of the easiest to remove when not in use, and also stores with ease if the right type is selected.

Sliding Screen Door

The sliding screen doors offer ease of use for those who want a fast way to enter and leave. High traffic areas in a home such as the entry for the backyard or patio are usually where sliding screen doors come in handy. This cuts door on having a door constantly slamming shut, and it also reduces the wear and tear on the doorframe. Sliding screen doors are popular also for their ability to block some sunlight, as well as protecting the interior from unwanted six-legged guests. These are another good choice for those who want easy access for French doors or unusual doors.

Security Screen Door

The security screen door is one in which the emphasis is not only in protecting against small pests, but also for strong security against anyone attempting to break into the home. Some security screen doors are simply made with strong mesh, and a lock. Others are heavily constructed with mesh surrounding bars or a cross-lacing of wood. The down side of some types of security screens is they are more difficult to install, and these are heavier. These can also increase wear and tear on the doorframe if it’s not reinforced during the installation. Still, for those who want to have circulating air and security this is the best choice.

Storm Door

Storm doors are often thought of as combination of the screen door and the security door. Here, there is the advantages of having a door that can be opened and allow for ventilation, and security. These doors can be heavily fortified, and still have a wire mesh that allows for air circulation. These doors can also protect the inner door from storm damage caused by high winds, rain, hail, or even small flooding damage. These doors are very popular in urban areas and for doors that are face the worst types of weather. The downside to these doors is in the effort and expense of installation.

Advantages of Using Screen Doors

Modern life brings with it many conveniences, but it also generates a few problems as well. For example many of us spend the summer months either sweating more than we should, or freezing because the air-conditioned air isn’t circulating correctly.  No matter the cost of heating or cooling maintaining a comfortable temperature is difficult. Adding to this frustration is the fact that the out of doors often offers the perfect temperature.

  • Finding Solutions: Opening the door is the solution, but this invites in all manner or creepy crawlies, and flying insects. The solution to these problems is actually very simple. A screen door will allow the door to remain open while keeping the home free of small pests.
  • The Advantages of Having a Screen Door Installed: Such a simple solution escapes the notice of many people, but a mesh or wire door placed on the outside of an entry way actually solves several issues.
  • Protection for the exterior door
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Additional layer of security
  • Protection for the exterior door can be as little as preventing “bug spots” or mud from reaching glass patio, or front doors. A strong screen door can also do as much as preventing some types of theft, and damage from rain, hail, and flying debris.
  • Increased energy efficiency is found in a number of ways through installing a screen door. This adds a buffer between the summer heat and in some cases even the winter cold. A door opened to cool breeze or simple to allow ventilation can reduce the overuse of an air conditioner or heater. For many this natural use of air from outside is easier since children or pets frequently exit a door to a yard or patio.
  • Depending on the type of screen door used this can also add an additional layer of security. Some screen doors can be locked or bolted. Others, such as the frameless mesh type will keep out pests, and discourage vandalism.
  • Major Benefits of a Screen Door

One often under appreciated fact about this type of door is that it’s possible to attach this to an existing entry door. Because these are usually lightweight this will not harm the existing doorframe. Some of these are do not require any hard to use or difficult tools to install the new door. In fact, installation of fiberglass, or simple mesh screen often takes only a few minutes.

Reviews of the Best 5 Screen Doors

Bug Off Instant Screen

bug off instant screenSummer, spring, early fall, and those remarkable days of winter when the sun is shining seem even better when a door is opened allowing in a breeze, and some natural air. The problems most people have with this arrangement, however is the lack of privacy and the insects or pests that might try to enter the home. Available at Amazon.com.

How Bug Off Instant Screen Works

The reasons some who own or rent a home put off buying a screen door are easy to understand.

  • Installation could affect the appearance of a home
  • A screen door slamming all day is distracting and noisy
  • Pets and small children would still need assistance with entering and leaving

There are some differences with the Bug Off screen that its reviewers at amazon.com have remarkable. First, installation is very easy and requires no experience or heavy tools. Installing it took most reviewers only a few minutes after reading the instructions, and no marks or damage was done to the doorframe. The door adjusts, in much the same way as shower curtain rod can be adjusted, to up to 80 inches in height accommodating most entryways. A magnetic hands free door design allows pets and small children to come in and out with ease. This door kept out pests as it the screen closes automatically behind those who walk through. This is a great door for any place where a breeze is needed, and is simple to put up and take down. Some reviewers have found this screen has weathered several years of use with little visible wear. Read my complete review here.

Magic Mesh

magic mesh screen doorSome days are so beautiful no one in a home wants to be deprived of a moment of the out of doors. Doors open and close as children, pets, and guests enter patios or backyards repeatedly. Unfortunately, this can add wear and tear to doors. The answer many have found is The Magic Mesh Screen Door at Amazon.com. This easy to install bug screen instantly protects a home from bugs or insects entering while allowing those who can reach a door handle easy access.

What reviewers enjoy about the Magic Mesh Screen Door the most is its portability. Because it installs without any need for tools it can be taken to vacation homes, moved from one door to another, or used by renters then stored away until needed again. The screen is held in place with magnetics so going outside holding a tray of goodies or drinks is possible without struggling without opening a door.

This is an especially easy door to install, but most people find it best to read the instructions carefully, and place work with the screen a few minutes to ensure it lines up well while hanging it. While the screen allows for easy access for children and pets as with any type of hanging screen monitoring is still necessary to ensure safety.

Some owners have found they do need to ensure the magnetics remain lined up properly if there are strong winds, or there’s a lot of activity. Most agree however this is a great choice in keeping out pests while still allowing for circulation of air. Read full review here.

Instant Bug Mesh

instant bug meshKeeping out insects and still having a breeze from outside isn’t difficult with a window. Most windows have a screen that keeps out insect life, and also offers a little shade indoors. A door that will constantly opened and shut can’t be guarded the same way, or at least it couldn’t until the innovation of the magnetic screen door called Instant Bug Mesh, also available at Amazon.com. This is a type of mesh that strong enough to keep out insects and bugs, but not so heavy it’s hard to install. In fact, according to those who have reviewed this mesh screen it only takes a few seconds to put up inside the doorframe.

With the use of magnetics and the strong Velcro sewn into the material the screen closes perfectly behind the person entering or leaving the doorway. Kids and pets can walk back and forth with ease. This offers a household the fun of a day spent outdoors, and better air circulation throughout the home.

Unlike many similar screens this one is made of a high quality mesh that’s well sewn, and easy to work with while hanging it. Also only like many others it comes with no need to attach any parts. Most people who use this screen find no need to use screws or any types of attachment to doorframe itself. Even very small dogs such as a dachshund can exit and enter through the door once it’s in place. It is recommended to measure the area where you wish to install carefully before the installation in order to ensure there are no gaps between the doorframe and the mesh.

Magnetic Screen Door Nirvana

Magnetic Screen Door NirvanaIn looking at mesh magnetic screen some of us think this won’t live up to our environment. If you live in a location where the insects are especially hardy, and determined most screens don’t look up to the task of keeping them out. This is the difference with the Magnetic Screen Door Nirvana. Like other magnetic screen doors this is easy to install without tools, and it’s lightweight. The difference is the tough mesh that’s up to the job of keeping out pesky insects. Most reviewers specify this works better than a screen door since those using it are able to install it quickly, and children and pets can walk inside and back in without help. The opening is hands free and even smaller pets can walk back and forth through it with no problem.

This mesh also comes with a solution for those who like exact instruction as it comes with a video tutorial on exactly how to place the mesh for best effect.

Those customers who reviewed the Magnetic Screen Door also mentioned how much they appreciate the number of magnets used. This screen has 26 powerful magnets sewn into the opening with reinforced edges. This screen will leave both the crawling and flying insect population left out, while the cool breezes can blow in and circulate through the day. This mesh measures up to 34”x82 at its maximum so it is necessary to measure before using to ensure a good fit. Children and pets can use the door easily without having someone opening and closing a door behind them.

Sentry Magnetic Screen Door

sentry magnetic screen doorOnce burned twice shy is the motto of those who have had a bad experience with mesh screen doors. The Sentry Magnetic Screen Door, you can order at Amazon.com, ended this attitude for many formerly skeptical reviewers who found this door lived up to the expectations by not tearing, or wearing out too quickly. This mesh screen is capable of standing up to insects who want to get in, and active pets or children who relentlessly travel inside and out.

Along with keeping even tiny pests such mosquitoes out it also prevents other annoyances that users of screens have experienced. The magnets can endure opening closing thousands of times without breaking or coming loose from the mesh material. This mesh according to customer reviews is also able to survive moderate winds without collapsing than other mesh doors. The mesh also doesn’t “stick” in place leaving a gap either. Most people have no trouble in installing the Sentry Magnetic Screen door and found that hanging it was simple. Unlike a typical screen door with a hard frame there’s no risk of little one’s squishing their fingers, or pets getting their tails or paws caught. Adults can sit down and relax to enjoy the cool breeze.

It’s possible use this on the front or back door as it doesn’t diminish the appearance of the doorway. Even those who have had trouble with similar screens in the past, or who were reluctant to try this option have found that the Sentry Magnetic Screen Door lived up their expectations.